beach house_weekend

this past weekend i fled the city to a small summerhouse on the northern coast of zealand with a few of the other scan design students studying here in CPH. the trip was a fantastic departure from the norm... cycling along the coast, wandering around fishing villages, cozy company and red wine.



as if i don't have enough to do in the BIG studio, i have also decided to team up with a few colleagues/collaborators (rob corser and scott crawford) to continue development on my recent masonry installation. our first project was to submit several of our recent works to an upcoming conference and publication in london. the brief called for built projects/prototypes with a focus on disseminating similarity and difference in digital fabrication. our projects convey the codependence of repetition and variability... the machine and the hand... the digital and the analog. introducing... the collaborative research project: Digital Jigs - Parametric Armatures for Manual Assembly


work work work

much of my last three weeks has been spent in the studio working on a presentation model for the new maritime museum in helsingor. the project has been in the office for several years in various stages of stagnation, and has recently regained its momentum. my task was to join a team of 5 others charged with finishing a massive model which had been in the works for months already. we presented the model on friday at the groundbreaking ceremony, which received extremely positive support from the minister of culture and community members alike. a party followed...

all of the work to wire 300+ led lights really paid off...



highlight of the night... shawn pointing out via skype that the moondoggies set from bumbershoot was streaming live on KEXP!


the week's end

the weekend brought beautiful weather and deambulations through the city. drinking by the canal at nyhavn and christianshavn, department 8 party at the royal danish academy, and cycling. the highlight may have been stumbling across a free outdoor concert featuring the mouritz horslev projekt (the danish equivalent of beach house?).

a great first week

since my arrival on monday, i have been staying with my good friend chris carlsen in a small flat in osterbro (the quieter of copenhagen's neighborhoods). my days have been filled with long hours at the BIG studio and nights out in the city... all this while getting over my jetlag!

working at BIG looks to be a very exciting and promising experience. the office is made up of something like 50 interns and 50 architects and operates much like an academic studio. a single open space filled with some of the more creative minds the world has to offer. the studio in packed with thousands of models, iterations upon iterations- the evidence of a group entirely obsessed with process. i think i will fit in well.

for those who are familiar with BIG's projects, i have been working on the maritime museum in helsingor. my first task was to wire 300 led lights into the ceiling of a massive model to go on display at the site. the model is about 8 feet long, and probably represents thousands of hours of work. the project has been in the office for several years and this model was started in february of 2010 (with many versions prior). my team will be in charge of finishing it by september 15th. this means that i will probably have 12 hour days and weekends in the office to look forward to!

the beginning

the trip began as most of my trips do... with a certain lack of planning. the general idea is there, but many of the details unresolved. a bicycle at the airport with no cardboard packing, a suspicious piece of luggage in reykjavik (leaving me one bag short in copenhagen), a place to stay but no address, a number to call but no phone, a bike but no pedals. all this being said i wouldn't have had it any other way... these things that seem to be obstacles help to construct memorable experiences.